Flo Rida Parties with a Crowd That Would Surprise You

Flo Rida Parties with a Crowd That Would Surprise You

We recently learned that Flo Rida songs and dancers in their 80s go well together. While Flo usually performs with The Wild One dancers :

#GoPool with @theofficialwildones ?

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This is who joined Flo Rida on stage for “My House”

Roanoke My House Dancers

Photo courtesy of Whitney Slightham

These ladies are members of the Roanoke Parks & Rec Dance Class, a group of middle-aged women with members up to 87 years old. They spent a year coming up the choreography and requested to perform with Flo.  

In addition to the dancers, audience members came  up to perform “Low,” “GDFR,” and “Wild Ones.”

“This is why I do what I do,” Flo said, adding, “You all can’t be my fans. You are my family.” (The Roanoke Times)

The full video can be watched on roanoke.com:

For the fun parts:
00:20 Audience Group On stage for “Low”
00:53 2 Audience members  join for GDFR
1:30 2 elementary school-age girls singing “Wild Ones”
2:30 Roanoke Dancing to  “My House”

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