Flo Rida Rewarding Fans with Up to $500

Flo Rida Launches Club Flo- Rewarding Fans with Up to $500

Over the last 10 years, I have been blessed with the greatest fans an artist could ever dream of.

The energy each and every one of you brings to a show inspires me, and the love I get on social media reminds me how truly blessed I am to connect with all of you. But sometimes 140 characters is not enough…

Club Flo was created as a hub for me to connect, engage, and reward my fans in an innovative way that only they deserve.

So what can you expect from Club Flo?

1)     Interactive contests & giveaways. Each month I will be teaming up with my favorite brands to give away some amazing prizes to my most loyal fans. Fans can sign in through the Members page, connect their social media channels, and earn points for sharing Club Flo’s premium and exclusive content. Each month winners will receive amazing prizes ranging from back stage passes, gift cards, and more.

This month I will be giving away a $500 Amazon Gift Card and official Club Flo merchandise.

2)     Access to premium content. Get to learn more about me, and the topics I’m passionate about.  The content will make our relationship go beyond just my music. Club Flo will give my fans an inside look at my music, interests, lifestyle, and personality. 

3)     Exciting Updates. My fans that sign up for the official Club Flo newsletter will receive a personalized newsletter that features insights into events that happened throughout my week, behind the scenes info and updates, favorite things going on in my life, and more. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter to receive exclusive content and perks.


4)     Exclusive Merchandise. I have teamed up with awesome designers and have created our official Club Flo merchandise. My crew and I personally wear this merch! (shop here)

5)   Charity. With the fame comes a sense of responsibility to give back.  I want to harness this platform for good.  Over the upcoming months, I will be sharing my philanthropic endeavors and welcoming all of you to join.  

After a decade since the launch of Low, I have had the ability to live the life I always dreamed of.  I could not have done it without my fans.  So after giving me so much, it’s time to launch Club Flo and give back to all of you.

Thanks again for being the best fans in the world, I look forward to seeing you more on Club Flo.


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